Advanced Formulations

The Advanced Formulations’ activities are characterized by their high customer - and application - driven approach and relatively low capital intensity. Their offering addresses major societal trends, meeting ever stricter requirements with respect to the environment and energy savings as well as the challenges of the mass consumer markets.

2015 net sales: €2,885 million
REBITDA: €522 million

Novecare develops and produces formulations that alter the properties of liquids. It offers solutions to the oil and gas industry using the world’s largest portfolio of chemicals. Novecare also provides specialty solutions for certain industrial applications, agricultural and coatings markets. 

Key figures 2015:

  • World-class leading producer of specialty surfactants
  • Major player in the polymers, guar and phosphorus derivatives markets 
  • Net sales: €1,895 million 
  • 32 industrial sites*

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Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions is a global leader in specialty mining reagents, phosphine-based chemistry, and solutions for stabilization of polymers. The portfolio includes world class, leading-edge technologies and unrivalled technical service and applications expertise that support our customers in developing tailored solutions.

Key figures 2015:  

  • Net sales: €631 million  
  • 9 industrial sites* 
Aroma Performance

Aroma Performance is the world’s largest integrated producer of vanillin for food, flavors & fragrances industries and synthetic intermediates used in perfumery, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and electronics.

Key figures 2015:

  • World number-1 producer of vanillin for food industries; world number-1 producer of diphenol intermediates for monomers with petrochemicals applications
  • Net sales: €360 million
  • 4 industrial sites* 

Pro forma 2015 figures including Cytec (unaudited)

* Number of sites where the GBU operates. A single site may be shared by several GBUs