Corporate & Business Services

This Segment covers the Energy Services GBU, which provides energy optimization programs for the Group and for third parties. It also includes the corporate functions of the Group.

REBITDA: -€225 million
Energy Services

Solvay Energy Services delivers innovative and sustainable tailor-made services. It is designed to improve energy performance and reduce the COfootprint of Solvay and energy-intensive third-party industrial clients. These services range from energy sourcing and energy efficiency to price risk management and operation of co-generation plants. 

Key figures 2015:

  • Energy management specialist
  • 2 industrial sites*

Business Services

Business Services covers, in a global shared services organization, all the Group’s IT services and its main administrative departments (accounting, credit, customer service, customs, payroll and personnel administration and procurement).

Pro forma 2015 figures including Cytec (unaudited)

* Number of sites where the GBU operates. A single site may be shared by several GBUs.