Functional Polymers

The key success factors in this Segment that groups the various Polyamides activities are optimization strategies and industrial innovation. Solvay is one of the only players to master the entire polyamide 6.6 chain. The segment also houses the Emerging Biochemicals GBU and Solvay’s participation in the chlorovinyls joint venture RusVinyl.

2015 net sales: €1,926 million
REBITDA: €190 million
Performance Polyamides
Performance Polyamides GBU 

The GBU is one of the rare operators in the market to control the entire polyamide chain from upstream with the production of intermediates and polymers to downstream with the development of high value-added engineering plastics.

Key figures 2015:

  • Polyamide is the number-1 global leader for adipic acid-based intermediates and number-2 for Polyamide 6.6.
  • 12 industrial sites*


The GBU develops, manufactures and commercializes textile and industrial yarns and staple fibers, based on polyamide 6.6, for final use in clothing and industrial applications.

Key figures 2015:  

  • Fibras is number-1 in polyamide yarns in Latin America
  • 2 industrial sites*

The Emerging Biochemicals GBU is a leading producer of chlorovinyl and caustic soda, sold as a solid water-soluble base. It operates from its state of the art facilities in southeast-Asia. It is the global leader of bio-sourced epichlorohydrin, based on an in-house invented technology based on the conversion of glycerin. Chlorovinyls houses Solvay’s participation in the RusVinyl joint venture. 

Key figures 2015:

  • 1 industrial site*

Pro forma 2015 figures including Cytec (unaudited)

* Number of sites where the GBU operates. A single site may be shared by several GBUs.