Shin-Etsu Sepla Film

Shin-Etsu Polymer chooses Solvay’s KetaSpire® PEEK to meet growing demand for its ultra-thin, high-performance film

Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty polymers, is supplying KetaSpire® PEEK (polyetheretherketone) to Shin-Etsu Polymer for the manufacture of its ultra-thin, high-performance Shin-Etsu Sepla Film®, with thicknesses ranging from 3-9 µm (0.11-0.35 mils), which is widely used in speaker diaphragms for mobile devices and loudspeakers, and other related consumer goods such as headphones and microphones.

Solvay’s Ixef® PARA delivers higher thermal and dimensional stability, smoother surface to quieter clutch actuator design from FTE automotive Group

Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty polymers, announced this week at the International CTI Symposium (Booth 52A) that its Ixef® 1027 polyarylamide (PARA) enabled development of a new clutch actuator system from FTE automotive Group, a premier producer of drivetrain and brake system applications.

Solvay’s Hyflon® PFA enables Beijing Xinshiyi to develop a more durable, energy efficient heat exchanger for coal-fired power plants

Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty polymers, announced today that its advanced Hyflon® perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) fluoropolymer enabled China-based Beijing Xinshiyi Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Company to develop a more efficient and reliable 600 MW MGGH heat exchanger for use in large coal-fired power plants.

First quarter 2017 - Financial report

Based on the strong start to 2017 and improving market conditions, Solvay expects to meet or exceed its previously given guidance of mid-single digit underlying EBITDA growth and more than € 800 million of free cash flow from continuing operations.