Performance Chemicals


The success of this business Segment, which operates in mature and robust markets, is based on economies of scale, competitiveness, and quality of service. Strong cash generators, the Performance Chemicals businesses are engaged in programs of excellence to create additional sustainable value.

2015 net sales: €3,052 million
REBITDA: €770 million

Soda Ash & Derivatives

Soda Ash & Derivatives is the world’s largest producer of soda ash and sodium bicarbonate, sold primarily to the glass industries and also used in detergents, agro, food and feed industries. It provides resilient profitability thanks to good pricing, dynamics growing at mid-single digit rate, underpinned by high-quality assets.

Key figures 2015:

  • World number-1 producer of soda ash and sodium bicarbonate
  • Net sales: €1,554 million
  • 12 industrial sites*


Solvay is the global leader in hydrogen peroxide, both in market share and technology. Hydrogen peroxide is mainly used by the paper industry to bleach pulp. Its properties are also of interest to many applications such as chemicals, food, textiles and the environment.

Key figures 2015:  

  • World number-1 supplier of hydrogen peroxide
  • Net sales: €558 million
  • 11 industrial sites*


Coatis manufactures glycerin-based sustainable solvents solutions sold globally and specialty phenols mainly sold in Latin America. It enjoys undisputed market leadership position in Brazil for Phenol & Derivatives, which are used in the production of synthetic resins for foundries, construction and abrasives.

Key figures 2015:

  • Market leader in Latin America for oxygenated solvents and phenol derivatives
  • Net sales: €398 million
  • 1 industrial site*

Acetow is a leading supplier of cellulose acetate tow -produced from bio-sourced wood pulp-, for cigarette filters and also manufactures cellulose acetate flakes for various industries. It operates in very specific, mature and stable markets where partnerships with customers are built on reliability, quality of service and dependable supply. Acetow has signed a license to manufacture and market Accoya®, based on acetylation technology. Accoya® wood is is a long-standing, non-toxic modified wood, sourced from sustainable FSC certified wood. 

Key figures 2015:

  • Net sales: €542 million
  • 5 industrial sites*

Pro forma 2015 figures including Cytec (unaudited)

* Number of sites where the GBU operates. A single site may be shared by several GBUs