Composite materials

2018 key figures

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picto_sales  Net sales: €1,082 million*

*Financial figures take into account the announced divestment of Polyamides.

Main markets

Civil Aircraft
  • Large Commercial Transport
  • Business Jets
  • Regional Jets
  • Rotorcraft

Military and Space
  • Fighter Jets
  • Rotorcraft
  • Unmanned Vehicles
  • Launch Vehicles, Missiles

  • Serial Automotive
  • Rail
  • High-Performance Cars
  • Motorsport
  • Oil and Gas
  • Wind Energy
  • Marine

Innovation with Real Advantage

We combine 50 years of technology heritage, a comprehensive product portfolio and expertise in design materials and process engineering to deliver innovative customer solutions that maximize technology capability and simplify manufacturing. As the partner of choice for advanced materials development, we deliver optimal material solutions to address our customers’ most challenging demand  for new high-performance materials to improve durability and production, while offering weight savings for the end application - notably in the high volume automotive industry . 

We also provide advanced composite and adhesive materials for extreme-demand environments, radical temperature changes, aircraft material expansion and contraction and other external conditions.

Optimized Global Operations

Solvay manufactures materials for aerospace and industrial applications throughout North America, Europe and Asia and is expanding facilities in many locations. Our global employee base supports the continued growth of composite material adoption with technical professionals located near our customer operations to respond quickly and efficiently.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Carbon Fiber & Textiles
  • Composites & Prepregs
  • Structural Adhesives and Surfacing Films
  • Resin Infusion Systems
  • Composite Tooling
  • Part Processing Materials
  • Kitting
  • Technical Competencies
  • Specialty Products

Our end-use applications include:

  • Primary structure – Wings, Fuselage
  • Secondary structure – Fairings, Wing/Tail Flaps
  • Jet engines
  • Composite & metal bonding & Surfacing
  • Aircraft Interiors
  • Aircraft brakes
  • Rocket nozzles
  • Auto Body & Chassis
  • Windmill Blades