Advanced Materials

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As a leader in markets with high entry barriers and strong returns on investment, the Advanced Materials segment is a major contributor to the Group’s performance and growth. Innovation, combined with global presence and long-term partnerships with customers, provides a compelling competitive edge to industries seeking increased energy efficiency and less polluting alternatives.

2016 net sales: €4,313 million
EBITDA: €1,110 million

Specialty Polymers

With over 1,500 products, Specialty Polymers offers the widest range of high performance polymers in the world, allowing tailor-made solutions such as pushing the limits of metal replacement in the electronics, automotive, aircraft and healthcare industries. The GBU has unparalleled expertise in three technologies: aromatic polymers, high barrier polymers and fluoropolymers.

Key figures 2016:

  • World number-1 producer of specialty polymers and high performance polymers
  • Net sales: €1,922 million 

Composite Materials

As a top tier supplier to the aerospace engineered materials market known for our technology leadership and the value the GBU brings to our customers: scale and technical capability, profitability in the top quartile of peers, double-digit earnings growth in previous business cycles.

The GBU ambitions to become the leading supplier of value-added composite material solutions to the emerging industrial market.

Key figures 2016:  

  • Net sales: €1,073 million 


Silica focuses on highly dispersible silica (“HDS”), primarily used in fuel-efficient and performance tire. It develops innovative solutions for global tire manufacturers, as well as silica ranges for many other market segments like toothpaste, food, industrial products, and rubber articles. 

Key figures 2016:

  • Inventor of highly dispersible silica
  • Net sales: €455 million

Special Chem

Special Chem produces fluor and rare-earth formulations for automotive, semi-conductor and lighting applications. With its industrial know-how, global presence and R&I proximity, Special Chem positions as a strategic partner for the automotive sector as a producer of materials used in emission control catalysis and aluminum brazing, and as a producer of cleaning and polishing materials for electronics.

Key figures 2016:

  • Worldwide leadership positions in fluorine compounds, brazing application and barium & strontium specialties
  • Net sales: €862 million

2016 underlying results (audited figures)