Aroma Performance

2018 key figures

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picto_globe  World number one producer of vanillin for food industries
World number one producer of diphenol intermediates for monomer with petrochemicals applications

picto_sales  Net sales: €414 million*

*Financial figures take into account the announced divestment of Polyamides. 

Main markets

Food and perfumery, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, electronics, petrochemicals, energy storage. 

The GBU’s growth strategy is based on a strong global presence, allowing very close relationship with its customers, and on maximizing the potential of its diphenol fully integrated value chain.

The challenge: meet global demand of food and flavor producers

As the world’s leading vanillin producer, the Aroma Performance GBU is the partner of choice for flavors and fragrances producers. Its leadership rests on its ability to meet strict  food safety and environmental regulations.
In 2013, the GBU expanded its portfolio with a functional vanilla flavors range. Complementing its Rhovanil® and Rhodiarome® flagship brands, the new Govanil™ range opens promising horizons for food industry players looking to differentiate their product offerings.

To meet the growing demand from its markets, the GBU has doubled the capacity of its site at Melle (France) for the production of Rhovanil® Natural, its natural vanillin obtained by bioconversion of natural products. In addition to its Rhovanil® vanillin production plants in US and Europe, the GBU benefits now from a third unit in Zhenjiang (China), operational since July 2015. This investment increased Solvay’s overall vanillin production capacity by 40%. In support of this project, centers of expertise dedicated to the development and application of vanilla flavors, the Vanil’expert center, have been created in France and Asia, at the R&I facilities in Saint-Fons, Shanghai and in 2014 Singapore to support the customers' needs in the region. The Aroma Performance GBU stands out as the most global player in this business area, with fully integrated production platforms in North America, Europe and Asia.

Diphenol derivatives for other applications

The GBU also produces diphenol-based synthesis intermediates for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and electronics markets, as well as monomer stabilizers for petrochemicals and energy storage solutions.