2018 key figures

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picto_globe  World number one producer of specialty surfactants 
A major player in polymers, amines, guar, and phosphorus derivatives

picto_sales  Net sales: €2,000 million* 

*Financial figures take into account the announced divestment of Polyamides.

Main markets

Our formulations are used in shampoos, detergents, paints, lubricants, plant protection, mining and oil extraction. 

World leader in specialty surfactants

Novecare develops leading edge technologies that affect the behavior of fluids to give them cleansing, softening, moisturizing, hydrating, gelling, texturizing, penetrating or dispersing properties. Its products are found in shampoos, detergents, paints, lubricants, plant protection, mining and oil extraction.

Since 2010, the GBU has been engaged in an ambitious growth strategy directed at supporting expanding consumer markets, particularly in Asia. It also invests in niche markets with a range of high-added-value specialties. Novecare relies on a global network of 28 production sites and 10 R&I centers and labs that develop innovative solutions to sustainable development issues.

Increased positions in the US energy market

Identified as a reference partner by oil and gas extraction operators, the GBU has expanded its specialties portfolio with the acquisition of the US corporation Chemlogics. This brings Novecare recognized know-how in custom formulations for well stimulation and cementing, and significantly strengthens its presence on the booming US energy market. The GBU is today able to offer major oil players a full range of innovative products and technologies for extracting oil and gas more competitively and sustainably, with enhanced water management.

Surfactants: increased global capacity

Across the world, Novecare is boosting its manufacturing capacity to meet global market needs. In November 2013, the GBU doubled its surfactants production capacity in Latin America by acquiring the specialty chemicals assets of Brazil’s Erca  Quimica Ltda group. This opens the door wider to one of the world’s largest markets for health & beauty and agrochemicals.
To better support its customers in Central and Eastern Europe, the GBU has begun building a new specialty surfactants plant at Genthin (Germany). This investment comes on top of those made in existing European sites to increase and optimize production.
The GBU also has begun building new alkoxylation(1) Singapore from which to optimize its supply lines to the highly dynamic construction and manufacturing industry markets.

(1) Alkoxylation is a process for manufacturing monomers for producing surfactants.

Guar: a global offering of bio-based solutions

Novecare is strengthening its leadership in the guar derivatives market with breakthrough innovations that respond to strong demand for sustainable solutions from both the agrochemicals and oil sectors. Novelties placed on the market in 2013 include Starguar®, a “ready-to-mix” crop protection solution that allows operators to adjust dosages to local conditions.
The GBU has also significantly increased its production capacity. It has invested in its Vernon plant in Texas (USA), which delivers mainly to the North American oil extraction market. In China, the plant expansion at Zhangjiagang is in response to strong demand from the Asian health & beauty market. With its third production site at Melle (France), Solvay is the only player in guar derivatives that is able to accompany customers on three continents.