Silica and EU Tire Labelling

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Already implemented in Korea and Japan, tire labelling regulations are challenging the automotive industry to reduce CO2 emissions of vehicles and increase road safety all around the globe. 
This regulation implemented in Europe since November 2012, imposes a standard label for passenger car, van and truck tires. This new regulation helps end-consumers to make more informed choices when buying tires. 
Each tire must be physically labelled so as to provide information on environmental impact, safety and comfort characteristics with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions and increasing road safety: 

  • Fuel efficiency: Cars with a complete set of “A” grade tires consume up to 7.5% less fuel compared to “G” grade tires. That equals up to 0,45L of fuel savings every 100km for a car consuming 6,6L per 100km.
  • Wet grip: Under wet road conditions cars with a complete set of “A” grade tires can make a full break with 30% shorter braking distance than “G” grade tires (e.g. for a typical passenger car driving at 80km/h speed: up to 18m shorter braking distance).
  • Tire external rolling noise: Vehicles will have a mandatory decibel limit starting in 2016. The value in decibel and a pictogram indicates whether the tire is above the future European mandatory limit (3 filled bars) between the future limit and 3dB below (2 filled bars) or more than 3dB below the future limit (1 filled bar).

Zeosil® and Zeosil® Premium for better grades

Solvay Highly Dispersible Silica (HDS) enables better energy efficiency. Zeosil® silica range contributes to escape the F and G class, reducing by 5% fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Replacing carbon black in tire tread, Zeosil® Premium silica reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 7.5% while reducing breaking distance on wet surfaces. This new technology gives the opportunity to achieve the “A-A” and “B” grade challenge.

Zeosil® silica for better handling and longer treads life

When purchasing tires, consumers consider other characteristics besides tire environmental and safety performance. Other influential factors include durability, road handling and winter performance. 
Solvay has developed its entire silica range to enhance performance in each of these areas. The excellent dispersibility of Zeosil® Premium provides tire users with better handling characteristics and longer treads life. Zeosil 1085GR is Solvay’s silica specially designed for winter tire, increasing wet and snow grip.