People and Management model

Empowering our employees to drive the company forward

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Solvay’s employees are key to our progress. We empower everyone in our company to generate new ideas and challenge existing ones, while ensuring that the needs of our customers are at the forefront of our thinking. Through decentralization, our businesses are able to define their own strategies and allocate resources.

Employees are expected to:

  • take charge, 
  • behave collaboratively, 
  • and act transparently.
David, Hakim, and Minh from the Energy & Utilities, Maintenance Engineer Team in Belgium take charge: “We meet and exchange, we anticipate, and evaluate every action.”

In return, Solvay agrees to inspire, lead, respect and develop people.

The way I see it, building teams and relationships is all about creating a new team spirit, with new people, wherever they're from.

Sirichai Termvanich
Manufacturing Department Manager, China