Open innovation

Collaborating for higher value

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At Solvay, we work with customers, academia, start-ups and other companies to leverage multiple ideas and find the best solutions. We call this collective effort “open innovation” and we currently manage 100 collaborative projects. For over 30 years, we have embraced this concept and by working alongside others with complementary skills to our own, we have enhanced the Research & Innovation process. And together, we all share in a higher value.

Collaborative projects

95 percent of our Research & Innovation today is a collective process, below are just some examples of this. 

Esmeralda : We are working together with the National Laboratory of Bioethanol Science and Technology (CTBE) using plant chemistry to develop chemicals from renewable sources (biomass: sugar cane bagasse). This will create value by exploring competitive alternatives to current routes.

Energy Caps : In partnership with two SMEs, one large company, and two universities, we are developing a sustainable and safe hybrid supercapacitor. It will have high specific energy and maintained high specific power and cyclability. This technology could have applications in electronic devices, plugin hybrids, electric cars or the smart grid.

Polywood : This project aims to produce biosourced polyamides from paper mill byproducts, effectively making plastic with not valorized product from wood. Solvay is spearheading this €6.1 million project, which brings together a total of 13 partners including three corporations, six small to medium-sized businesses, one technical center and three research organizations.