Market driven innovation

We develop products that ensure long-term sustainable growth for our customers, the planet, and our company

For example, 20 percent of the world’s cars consume up to 7 percent less fuel because Solvay’s Silica has improved the energy efficiency of tires.
Our R&I efforts are focused on the following fields that we identified as growth opportunities:

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Advanced Materials

Based on our expertise in polymers, soft matter, and nanotechnologies, we conceive new materials, such as high-performance polymers that help reduce the weight of vehicles, mineral dyes and pastes as components of TV displays and solar cells.
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Renewable chemistry 

We focus on renewable chemistry with bio-based raw materials and recycling. For example, we transform glycerin, a by-product of biofuel production, into epichlorohydrin. This essential feedstock for epoxy resins is used for coatings in the electronics, automotive, and aerospace industries.
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Sustainable energy solutions

These include photovoltaic and organic electronics devices, fuel cells, and new batteries, such as the high-performance batteries that enabled Solar Impulse to fly at night.
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Consumer Chemicals 

We develop products that are sustainable and aid our health and well-being. These include a vanilla flavor that can reduce fat and sugar in food applications.
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Our goal is to reduce the overall environmental footprint of our products and production processes while improving energy efficiency for the entire product lifecycle. For example, we developed a process for rare earth recycling from used low energy consumption lamps.

As we continue to evolve, we look for future growth opportunities by monitoring market trends so we can keep meeting new challenges.