Chemistry for the future Solvay Prize

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The Chemistry for the future Solvay Prize rewards a major scientific discovery that could shape tomorrow’s chemistry and help human progress. 

The prize, created in 2013, perpetuates the strong support for scientific research given by the founder of the Solvay Group, Ernest Solvay. It is intended to endorse basic research and underline the essential role of chemistry, both as a science and an industry, in helping solve some of the most pressing issues the world is facing.

The €300,000 prize is awarded every two years.

The Chemistry for the future Solvay Prize was first awarded to Professor Peter G. Schultz and in 2015 to Professor Ben Feringa, who in 2016 won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. 

In 2017, it is awarded to Professor Susumu Kitagawa for his outstanding research in molecular architecture.