Good Agricultural practices

Good Agricultural Practices are practices that address environmental, economic and social sustainability for on-farm processes, and result in safe and quality food and non-food agricultural products according to the FAO.

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With the Guar Sustainable Initiative, we aimed to develop Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) specifically for guar cultivation as they have never been identified before. With the help of the Technoserve agronomist, we were able to define the Best Practices to cultivate guar in the Bikaner area together with guar experts, universities and Agronomy institutes like CARZI.

The GAP are at the heart of our project as we believe that the farmers, with the right knowledge and tools, are able to have a significant increase in yield, which therefore will increase their revenues and livelihood. 

Elaboration of training program

Our expert team developed training program based on the Good Agricultural Practices and are declined in different modules:

Module I

  • Seed selection
  • Seed treatment
  • Land preparation and soil treatment
  • Seed sowing methodology

Module II

  • Intercultural operations
  • Pest and disease management

Module III

  • Farming as a business (harvesting and post-harvesting)

Demo Plots

The demonstration plots have been implemented in each village in a farmer field in order to showcase the benefits of the Good Agricultural Practices. The farmers in the village come to the demo plot to see themselves how to implement the GAP and to compare the yield between the demo plots and the control plots.