Responsible Care

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Our goal is to be a good neighbor in the communities where we do business, and that requires that we be a good steward of the environment and the health and safety of our workforce. To that end, we've become a member of the American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care®initiative.

Through Responsible Care®, American Chemistry Council members and partners are committed to practices designed to continuously improve the health and safety of plant employees and nearby residents, and to minimize the impact
of our operations on the environment.

The Responsible Care Management System® (RCMS®) replaces the current practice of applying Codes (e.g., community awareness and emergency response, distribution, employee health and safety, security, pollution prevention, process safety and product stewardship) with a combined 106 management practices. Instead, relevant aspects of the existing Codes are subsumed into an RCMS®that is based on benchmarked best practices of leading private sector companies, initiatives developed through the Global Environmental Management Initiative, International Standards Organization and other bodies, and requirements of national regulatory authorities. The RCMS® is verified through independent auditors at company locations, including the company headquarters.

Through adherence to the Responsible Care® initiative, Solvay companies in the USA are proving that a business leader can be a good steward of the Earth, and a good neighbor to our communities and our employees.