Product responsibility

Product sustainability and safety

The responsibility for the safety of the products we provide to our customers is essential all along the life cycle of products, down to their end-of-life and recycling. This is reflected in the important efforts to identify and communicate accurately about the potential dangers of some of Solvay products and the ways to manage the associated risks, according to all existing regulations, with our product Stewardship policy and further, in line with the commitment to the Responsible Care Global Charter®.

We support: Product stewardship

Our customers are fully informed about the properties of our products and their conditions of use.
We play an active part in ensuring product safety throughout its entire lifecycle – from the acquisition of raw materials to disposal – to minimize potential adverse impacts on people and the environment.


Going one step further, we also help them calculate the Lifecycle Assessments (LCAs) of a given application made with our products by providing eco-profiles. Extensive eco-profiles are available for the largest part of Solvay products (“cradle to gate” approach).

We have also embarked on a high-level research platform coordinated by CIRAIG on LCA methodologies. Through this, partners of the project, including our customers, will establish long term contact collaboration and benefit from global expertise, enrichment of their own sustainability assessment tools , and have a better account of their social impact, among other things. 

We take an active part in controlling the risks of our products by ensuring their proper management through initiatives such as:
  • Worldwide phone assistance, through Carechem 24, in case of an accident or incident with our products during transport 
  • Highly integrated industrial complexes to reduce transport, energy use and improve recycling
  • Providing customers information about safe storage, distribution, use, disposal and recycling 
  • Delivering specific and in-depth support such as training sessions and site visits for industrial products

We comply: regulatory compliance

We are committed to meeting regulatory compliance for product safety and fulfilling Classification Labeling Packaging (CLP) obligations in the application of the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) for all our substances and mixtures. We have met the first CLP phase for pure substances and several of our substances in mixtures are also compliant, prior to the 2015 deadline.
We also meet and stay current with REACH obligations for all our products to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment.