Integrating CSR in our approach and our offerings

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Consumers expect our manufacturing customers to provide them with products that are more and more safe, healthy, and environmentally neutral. Solvay helps the manufacturers to integrate societal changes and meet increasingly stringent regulations. 

We take care to ensure that our products are safe throughout their life cycles. We are constantly working to reduce their environmental footprints out of respect for human beings and the planet. 

Solvay Way animates our innovation. It conditions the marketing of our products, and frames our entire social and environmental responsibility policy. Our commitments towards our customers are:

Integrating our CSR commitment into customer relationships

We fulfill REACH obligations for all our products. Thus, we are particularly vigilant about informing customers about product-related risks. Solvay manages product safety information centrally. The Standardized Product Safety Data Sheets are sent to customers at first delivery. They are maintained and distributed consistently worldwide for all products to all customers in different languages.
Up to now, we have published 130 "Product Safety Summaries" (PSS) which describe the main features of our products and their potential risks to the health and the environment.

Controlling product related risks

Solvay is actively involved in deploying product stewardship programs and recycling en-of-life products. These programs focus on protecting health and the environment, and ensuring safety across the full product life-cycles. Product stewardship is a key component of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) Responsible Care Global Charter which was re-signed in 2014. 

Integrating CSR into innovation

Research and Innovation (R&I) policy strongly reflects Solvay’s ambition to reduce its environmental footprint. Solvay want to increase the proportion of its revenues from sustainable solutions. In 2014, Global Business Units (GBUs) and Functions worked jointly with a cross-functional innovation approach. Their goal was to provide their customers with high added-value, innovative and competitive solutions tailored to the present and future needs of end-users.

Analyzing and developing our markets, while integrating CSR

The new Business Development team within the R&I function manages Solvay investments in internal and external research projects, start-ups and venture capital funds. It allows the Group to remain engaged at the forefront of emerging businesses such as alternative renewable energies and organic electronics.