Enhancing our employees' well-being

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We are committed to offering our employees a safe working environment and promoting their professional development. We are particularly vigilant about respecting fundamental social rights and the fair treatment of everyone, everywhere. We also strive to maintain a regular dialogue with our employees, in an atmosphere of trust. These exchanges are particularly important, employees being the primary players of our responsible performance. Solvay was one of the first companies to offer benefits to employees and this fundamental belief in valuing the people that work with us continues today. 

With Solvay Way, we pledge to :

Ensure health and safety 

  • High health and safety standards and their constant improvement are an integral part of Solvay’s Code of Conduct. They are also part of the CSR agreement with IndustriALL Global Union.  In our pursuit of zero working accidents, our occupational accident frequency rate is among the lowest in the industry. We aim to achieve the highest safety level for our personnel and equally for contractors working at our sites. 
  • Medexis 2 is the Group's industrial hygiene tool. We manage all occupational exposure and medical data for every worker. It was developed in 2014 in partnership with 7 pilot sites in all geographical zones. This integrated tool will help hygiene experts in the day-to-day handling and reporting of industrial data. It will also ensure the deployment of relevant standards for chemicals and thereby safeguard long-term accident prevention and health protection for our employees.

Respect employees’ human rights and guarantee their social rights 

  • We endorse and promote the internationally recognized standards including the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  In addition to the broad range of human rights and workplace issues which are specifically addressed in the Code of Conduct and in the Group’s policies, Solvay prohibits any kind of child labor or forced labor. We are also signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and support the 10 principles with respect to human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. 

Ensure quality social dialogue 

Develop employability 

  • We encourage a bottom-up innovation process, asking our employees to come up with ideas or proposals channeling creativity. We also aim to provide one week of training per employee per year by 2020.

Motivate employees 

  • We integrate our corporate social responsibility commitment in the remuneration policy so that 10% of the CEO and our 7500 managers’ bonuses are linked to sustainable development indicators.