Solvay Way

Solvay Way is our Corporate Social Responsibility approach. Aligned with the ISO 26000 standard, Solvay Way translates our ambitions for more sustainable development into concrete actions and clear responsibilities.

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Performance and responsibility are inseparable. We are convinced that sustainable development is a source of opportunities and value creation. Solvay Way traces our path to sustainable progress. 

A key reference framework

Solvay Way is based on an ambitious framework. It lists 48 practices that reflects the Solvay's 23 commitments towards its stakeholders. This practical grid enables our managers to assess each year their progress in sustainability. They identify directions and action plans for improvement by stakeholder.

A dedicated worldwide Solvay Way Network 

More than 200 "Champions" and "Correspondents" aim to make sustainability priority in their entities. The “Champions” operate at Businesses and Functions level. They are supported locally – at industrial sites, R&I laboratories and business units – by a team of “Correspondents”. The Sustainable Development Function consolidates the annual Solvay Way self-assessment and presents the results to the Executive Committee.
The success of Solvay Way is due to collective input from of all employees. Each one is invited to take on board the Group’s sustainable development objectives. Solvay Way is anchored in the day-to-day reality of our various professions. It is a key component of our corporate identity.