Creating value in a responsible way

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We made a commitment towards our shareholders to comply with the highest standards of governance and management. We are working towards ever more precise mastery of our risks. We are on constant watch to ensure that the rules of ethics are respected across the Group. 

With Solvay Way, we assure:

Generating value responsibly

Our strategic options, larger projects and geographic expansion are assessed in terms of profitability, sustainability and risk profiles with our Sustainable Portfolio Management Methodology. 50% of our growth investments are being made in the world’s fastest growing countries.

Ensuring risk management

We limit risks for investors by embedding our risk management system into our strategic and operational decision-making across the globe. We assess and manage the impact of adverse events with mitigation efforts like: maintenance of a balanced portfolio or product and geographic spread, diversification of the customer base in different market segments, investment and innovation strategy. 

Ensuring dissemination and compliance with good management and governance practices

We continuously improve the integration of CSR into the principles of governance. Our Code of Conduct clearly sets out how Solvay wishes to carry out our business and how Solvay wishes to interact with all its stakeholders in an ethical and compliant manner. Our efforts have been recognized by external rating. 

In action

Fight against climate change 

We contribute to the development of a clear and predictable legislative framework for climate change policy in the EU and globally in the post 2020 period. Solvay supports global efforts to create a global carbon market. Solvay is among the first signatories of the "Business proposals in view of a 2015 international climate change agreement at COP 21 in Paris". Our CEO, Jean-Pierre Clamadieu call upon governments to take bold action at the Paris climate conference (COP21) in December 2015 to secure a more prosperous world for all of us.