How does it work?

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Solvay has understood society's sustainability expectations. Thus we are consequently aiming at integrating sustainability within strategy with the SPM tool.

We measure

The SPM tool provides a fully consistent assessment of the sustainability contribution of Solvay products in their specific applications. With a strong Life Cycle thinking focus, the SPM tool relies on Life Cycle Assessment. 

The SPM tool is science-based, rigorous and supported by facts. In practice, it combines two dimensions:

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    We plan

    Forward thinking on strategic planning means:

    1. Identify and prioritize the hot spots revealed by SPM

    2. Define action plans to mitigate risks ans accelerate value capture from opportunities

    3. Monitor progress yearly during strategic reviews of Business Head and COMEX 

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    We act

    Key management processes (innovation, investment, acquisitions) all integrate mandatory reviews of the SPM profile ahead of decision-making. 

    As an example, in Solvay's innovation WEGO process, hundreds of innovation projects are scrutinized with SPM before any gate-crossing.

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    We deliver

    In 2015, revenues in Sustainable Solutions has grown by 33%.