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The Anaheim site is part of Solvay’s Composite Materials global business unit. It was founded by Dr. Glenn G. Havens in 1944. Dr. Havens had been commissioned by General Dynamics to develop a superior adhesive system for use on the B-36 bomber. After several changes in ownership, the site was acquired by Solvay in 2015 via the Cytec acquisition. The site’s primary products are composite materials and structural adhesives. 

The Anaheim site meets the highly demanding requirements of the aerospace industry; it is approved by all of the major aerospace manufacturers and meets government quality requirements.

1440 N. Kraemer Blvd.
Anaheim, California 92807


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The D’Aircraft site is part of Solvay’s Composite Materials global business unit. The D’Aircraft facility manufactures silicone firewall sealants used throughout the aerospace industry to seal areas in need of protection from potential flame penetration. The site also manufactures silicone extrusions, used in the manufacturing process for composite hockey sticks and other tubular structures. We produce casting compounds and adhesives, epoxy adhesives and potting compounds, silicone sheet rubber, and fluoro-elastomer coatings. 

1191 Hawk Circle 
Anaheim (D’Air), California 92807

Long Beach

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The Long Beach plant, located near Los Angeles, became part of the Solvay Group in 2013 with Solvay’s purchase of Chemlogics. The site manufactures various products relating to oil and gas including demulsifiers, emulsion breakers, corrosion inhibitors and other surfactants, as part of the Novecare global business unit.

20851 South Santa Fe Ave.

Long Beach, CA 90810


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Solvay’s Orange facility is operated as a manufacturing satellite of the Anaheim facility. The site manufactures continuous fiber-reinforced composites, known as prepreg (preimpregnated materials). The fibers, which include glass, aramid, and carbon, are in the form of woven fabrics. These materials are highly reinforced, with at least 50 percent of the end product being fiber. The resins include thermosetting resins, such as epoxies and phenolics, and are formulated by Solvay’s Composite Materials global business unit to meet the needs of particular customer applications.

645 N. Cypress Street 
Orange, California 92867

Santa Fe Springs

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The site in Santa Fe Springs is part of the Composite Materials global business unit. It is a key site part of a global network of process materials plants that supply customers with process materials, also called vacuum bagging consumables, either as roll-stock of large customized complex kits.

These tailored kits are used predominately by the aerospace industry for key structural components such as wings or empennage for major aircraft programs and by the wind industry for large turbine blades.

In line with the industrialization of the composite industry and increased build rates, component manufacturers are moving towards the use of kits. Indeed kits offer reduced labor cost, total production time and waste, as well as better process control which improves the quality of parts and repeatability.

The Santa Fe Springs site has a long standing expertise in design of complex kits and shaped bags. This, combined with the business’ in-house capability for co-extrusion and transformation of multi-layered plastic bagging films, enables the site to develop kits truly tailored to customer’s processing needs.

12801 Ann Street

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670