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Solvay Fluorides, LLC operates the facility in Alorton, Illinois where it process anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (HF), that it receives from its affiliate Solvay Fluor Mexico, into high purity HF solutions and salts. Located near St. Louis, Missouri, it employs about 37 people. The site was originally built in 1948 as an Alcoa Aluminum Plant and was purchased by the Solvay Group in 2000. Among its products are anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (HF), various HF dilutions, fluorosilicic acid, ammonium fluoride and potassium fluoride. It also serves as a distribution area for sodium fluoride, sodium bifluoride, ammonium bifluoride and cryolite.

3500 Missouri Avenue
Alorton, IL 62205 

Blue Island

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Located south of Chicago, Solvay’s Blue Island, Ill., plant produces an extensive range of surfactants, surfactant blends and structured liquid surfactants for the home and personal care, industrial and institutional cleaning, coatings, agrochemicals, and oilfield markets. Ingredients produced at Blue Island are found in many popular consumer products including hand and body washes, shampoos and facial washes. Some of Blue Island’s key products include Miracare® SLB, Rhodapex®and Miraspec®

1400 South Seeley Avenue
Blue Island, IL 60406-3261 

Chicago Heights

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The Chicago Heights site, located south of Chicago, Ill., founded in 1995, is one of eight Solvay sites producing highly dispersible silica at the highest quality standard for fuel-saving tires, battery separators, and other key markets.  In 2011 Solvay’s Rhodia business in expanded the site to boost the facility's 16,000-ton capacity by 33 percent.

1020 State Street
Chicago Heights, IL 60411-2908

University Park

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The University Park facility began in 1990 as a specialty surfactants company. It was acquired by Rhodia in 2009 and became part of the Solvay group in 2011, when Solvay acquired Rhodia. The site  produces amphoterics, preservatives, performance concentrates/blends, glycol esters, amides/amidoamines/oxides, quats and sulfosuccinates for the Solvay Novecare global business unit.

24601 Governors Highway

University Park, IL 60484