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Solvay’s Research and Innovation Center in Bristol is one of the company’s seven research and development facilities in North America.  This modern facility with state of the art equipment is home to a network of dedicated application laboratories, as well specialty advanced research and support labs.  The site employs over 100 people from 18 countries.  The site produces 20 new products and patents each year and 35 percent of our staff has PhD’s. 

350 George Patterson Boulevard

Bristol, PA 19007


The Castanea plant is part of the Novecare global business unit. The site produces water soluble polymers for the oil and gas industry. These include inverse emulsions used as friction reducers in oil field applications, conformance control products used in oil field applications, conditioning aids for shampoo, shower gels, and body wash, cement set retarders, water control polymers, and fluid loss additives for oil field applications. Solvay acquired it in 2011.

400 West Brown Street

Castanea, PA 17726


The Leetsdale research and development facility is part of the Sovlay Novecare global business unit.  This site is designed to meet the needs of both users and manufacturers of synthetic water soluble polymers.  In addition to research and development capabilities, Solvay offers a range of standard and proprietary polymers based on a broad range of monomers.

80 Leetsdale Industrial Dr #200
Leetsdale, PA 15056