Green River

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Solvay Chemicals, Inc. Green River, Wyoming is a major U.S. producer of soda ash from trona, a naturally-occurring mineral used in glass manufacturing. The site is a mining, refining and chemical manufacturing facility. The primary raw material for the Green River facility is sodium sesquicarbonate, which is commonly referred to as trona. The trona is mined at the plant site from an ore bed located 1500 feet below the surface. The facility made its first product, soda ash, in May of 1982. The soda ash plant has been expanded two times since then. Trona products (beneficiated ore) were added in 1985. Then to further diversify the product line, sodium sulfite was added in the early 90’s. The most recent addition to the product line was sodium bicarbonate, which began production in 2010.

400 County Road 85 
Green River, WY 82935