Everything you need for online ordering and order management including:

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  • Search engine to look for transactions, products and documents
  • Order documents such as order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices and certificates of analysis.
  • Order templates for products you order on a regular basis 
  • Document alert feature 
  • Customer support menu

Network and partners B2B connections

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Business to Business solutions strengthen Supply Chain cooperation and form the basis of win-win relationships with our partners.

Our expertise allows us to offer real-time data exchange in procurement, sales, supply chain (VMI), distribution and billing processes.

Elemica is today the main B2B network in the chemical industry, acting to facilitate order processing and supply chain management between customers and suppliers.

We also use Crossgate, an SAP sponsored company, as B2B service provider to complement our activities in several markets that use EDI messages and also to add value and facilitate existing B2B processes.


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Why use this services ?

- Fast and easy:  Simplify your procedures and save time by receiving your invoices in an electronic format, sent directly to the right contact without delay. Easy to receive, transfer, store and retrieve.
- A sustainable solution: Avoid paper waste and save space - no more paper to print and store.
- Economic and free of charge:  Reduce your invoice management costs - an end to mail management, scanning and paper archiving. And it's free of charge to you!
- Legal Compliance: A safe and legally compliant solution. 
For Europe, this procedure is completely compliant with the EU Directive 2001/115/EC and with the national requirements of tax authorities in the countries listed in the FAQ.

What's needed to register?

You simply have to ensure that your company has a generic e-mail address to receive the eInvoices. Among country rules (in Europe), legally compliant archiving system may be needed.
- Register now! Just complete our agreement form.