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•     Solvay Chemicals is a leading supplier of hydrogen peroxide and itsInterox® brandisa mainstay for many of the world’s most recognized paper, chemical and textile manufacturers.
•     Solvayhydrogen peroxide is available in various standard and specialty grades, differentiated by the stabilizer packages appropriate for the specific end use.
•     AllSolvay grades have excellent stability and lose less than 1% of their activity in a full year of storage under normal storage conditions. Each grade istypically availablein different concentrations ranging from 35 to 70%.
•     Interox® industrial grades of hydrogenperoxide can be delivered in bulk by road tanker, by rail or in ISO tankcontainers.
–Typical industrial grades :
•Interox® Technical or Technical/D Grade
•Interox® Chemical Grade
•Interox® Food Grade
•     Solvay ChemicalsInterox®specialty hydrogen peroxideisamong the most pure and advanced hydrogen peroxide solutions available. For customers serving demanding markets, Solvay’s specialty grades can deliver high performancespecificallydesigned for critical applications. 
•     Solvay’s specialty hydrogen peroxide products are typically found in concentrations ranging from 35 to 50% and delivered in small package sizes such as drums or totes.
–Typical specialty grades:
•Interox® AG (aseptic grades)
•Interox® Food Grade
•Interox® Cosmetic Grade
•Interox® Ultra Cosmetic Grade


•     For help in determining what grade will meet your need - contact us today!