IXPER® Magnesium Peroxide Products

IXPER® 35M Magnesium Peroxide is a fine, odorless, white powder containing approximately 35% magnesium peroxide. It is slightly soluble in water. In aqueous suspensions, the product releases oxygen over an extended period of time

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IXPER®30M Magnesium Peroxide Granules offer advantages in environmental applications due to ease of handling vs. the powder forms. 

The main application of IXPER Magnesium Peroxide grades is as a breaker in shale gas exploration. It can also be used for the slow release of oxygen in soil remediation.

Solvay Chemicals, Inc. delivers IXPER 35M Magnesium Peroxide grades in lined cardboard boxes. The products are imported from an affiliated Solvay Group plant in Europe. The quality management systems of the plant and ancillary corporate activities are registered to the ISO 9001 standard.