Peracetic Acid

Solvay Chemicals’ Proxitane® EQ and WW-12 are used in disinfecting and sanitizing applications and as a microbiocide.

Food, Beverage & Packaging

Circulation cleaning and institutional/industrial sanitizing of pre-cleaned, hard, non-porous food contact surfaces and equipment

Chemical Processing

Biological control in cooling towers and water circuits

Pulp & Paper
Microbial control in the whitewater circuit

Wastewater treatment
An alternative to halogenated disinfectants such as chlorine-based chemicals, Proxitane® WW-12 peracetic acid (PAA) is an EPA-Registered wastewater disinfectant. It is cost effective (a simple one-step liquid injection system) and environmentally-compatible.

Proxitane WW-12 PAA controls fecal coliforms, fecal streptococci, total coliforms, and E. coli. It has no adverse effects on TDS, TSS and pH, and it can be used to increase the effective capacity of undersized UV systems. 

Proxitane WW-12 can be used for wet-weather disinfection at CSOs, SSOs and secondary bypasses, and can control wastewater odors.

Stable under normal ambient conditions for one year, a Proxitane WW-12 injection system can be the primary system for wastewater disinfection, or a simple low energy demand back-up system to use during high flow conditions or peak power demands.

Proxitane WW-12 PAA is suitable for a wide range of wastewater treatment applications, including municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater, stormwater and water re-use. 

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