Carbonyl difluoride (COF2)

A cleaning gas

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Carbonyl difluoride has GWP=1 and can replace PFCs in chamber cleaning and in etching processes.

Application & Uses:
  • Electronic industry 
  • Etching agent 
  • Surface treatment 
  • Chemical intermediate  

Technical Data

Carbonyl difluoride (COF2)

Physical and Chemical Data
Appearance: liquefied gas
Odour: characteristic
Melting point / freezing point: -114 °C
Boiling point / boiling range:-83.1  °C
Flash point: ./.


Product name:Carbonyl fluoride
Chemical name:Carbonyl fluoride
Substance name:Carbonyl difluoride
Concentration:> 99 %
CAS-no.:353-50-4 / EC-No.: 206-534-2 / Index-No.: -
Type of product: Substance
Molecular formula: COF2
Structural formula: F-CO-F
Synonyms:Carbonyl difluoride