Cesium Tetrafluoroaluminate (CsAlF4)

Flux for brazing aluminium

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Cesium Tetrafluoroaluminate (CsAlF4) is particularly suitable for flame brazing of magnesium-containing aluminium alloys.


  • Additive for NOCOLOK® Flux slurries for improving the compatibility with higher-magnesium containing aluminium alloys in controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB)
  • Additive for NOCOLOK® Flux slurries for slightly lowering the melting range in CAB
  • Flux for joining aluminium to aluminium by flame and induction brazing (but not suitable for joining of aluminium to copper)
  • Suitable for flame brazing of aluminium alloys (incl. higher-magnesium containing alloys – e.g., AA6063) with Zn/Al filler alloys