The New "Vehicle-On-Board" Fuel Additives Storage and Dosing System

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The implementation of tighter European diesel exhaust emission standards pushes the automotive industry to accelerate the introduction of greener vehicle technologies.

Solvay, in partnership with SOGEFI Filtrauto, has developed an innovative solution to meet the European Union's 2020 target of 95g CO2/km. E-SIS is a combination of various concepts that will reduce the environmental impact of diesel engines:

  • Hardware that can replace the diesel fuel filter, the additive tank and the dosing pump, with no or limited connection to the engine control unit (ECU) of the vehicle
  • Fuel additives (Eolys PowerFlex®or EasyFlex®) that are designed to continuously clean the emission treatment systems, as well as high-pressure fuel injection systems
  • Software that ensures intelligent additive injection (if required)

Features & Benefits

  • Simplified integration: reduction of engineering and development costs
  • Simplified dosing system: global hardware and software cost reduction
  • Simplified maintenance: clipped to the fuel filter, the system allows easier monitoring
  • Volume and weight savings on the vehicle: approximately 60% of the current dedicated-tank solutions


E-SIS® is a Vehicle-On-Board Storage and Dosing System for automatic dosing of diesel fuel additives during the vehicle operations.