The "Vehicle-On-Board" Fuel Additive for Diesel and Gasoline Applications

to support Emerging Diesel Markets in adopting advanced emission standards, Solvay has launched the EasyFlex® fuel additive, specifically developed to address the diesel fuel quality issues faced in the USA, BRIC, South American and Asian markets. 

Used with the E-sis® on-board storage and dosing system, EasyFlex® is the first "Vehicle-On-Board" multifunctional additive benefiting from automatic dosing.

Features & Benefits

Combining key functionalities such as deposit control, corrosion inhibition, lubricity improvement and fuel stability enhancement, EasyFlex® supports OEMs to offer advanced technologies worldwide.
  • EasyFlex® maintains the engine performance and durability
  • protects the engine during the vehicle operations under diverse diesel fuel qualities


EasyFlex® has been specially designed to enhance reliability of vehicles operations under severe and inconsistent diesel fuels :

  • Recommended average fuel treatment of 250 mg additive per kg of fuel
  • Autonomy of 0.60 liters EasyFlex® for a 30.000 km mileage (for fuel consumption of 7 liters/100 km)
  • A dedicated EasyFlex® version for gasoline direct injection applications is also available