"Productivity and Performance"

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Tire makers are experts at balancing conflicting elements (think Roling Resistance/Wet Grip or performance/cost). However, growing competitive pressure in the industry is forcing tire companies to limit trade-offs. 

With Solvay Efficium®, no compromise is needed! Our chemical expertise and more than 20 years of industry experience helped us develop a new breakthrough Highly Dispersible Silica delivering significant productivity benefits in handling, mixing and extrusion. 

New opportunities, no compromise

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Efficium® demonstrated, at laboratory and industrial scale, its value to both passenger car and truck tires compounds. Opening up new perspectives while keeping performances equal to HDS benchmark, its large range of potential applications and its cost competitiveness create a strong pull.

Solvay is transforming 3 plants to produce Efficium® and answer the worldwide tire market needs.

Multiple benefits for all your company's stakeholders

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Operations benefit from:

• Significant productivity gains (up to ~30% improvement) in both mixing and extrusion. 

• Larger operating windows (temperature sensitivity decreased, storage of uncured rubber extended, better dimensional stability) to drive a reduction of off-spec generation.

Research and development teams benefit from:

• A versatile product suitable for both passenger cars and truck applications.

• The possibility to finally develop compound which, until now, were limited by processability.

Purchasing organizations benefit from:

• A cost competitive solution.

• Security of supply with 3 manufacturing sites producing Efficium®.

With Efficium®, don’t compromise!