Fluorine/Nitrogen (F2/N2) mixtures

High purity mixtures for cleaning etching tools

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Within the production process of semiconductors, one process step is the etching process. Within this step a structure is etched into the semiconductors. The step takes place in a so called etcher. 

The etched material is also deposited on the wall of the etching tool and therefore a separate process to clean this tool is required. In most of the cases it is cleaned with NF3, but there are etchers on the market using F2/Nmixtures with high purity. 

The mixtures are removing SiOand Si3Ncompounds in an environmental-friendly way and can replace NFas cleaning gas. Furthermore the GWP (Global Warming Potential) of the F2/Nmixture is zero compared to NF17900.

The F2/Ngas mixtures can also replace other cleaning gases such as CFor C2F6.

Technical Data

Fluorine/Nitrogen (F2/N2) mixture

Product name:Fluorine Nitrogen Mixture
Concentration:20% F2 / 80% N2
Type of product: gas mixture
Molecular formula: F2/N2