Galden® PFPE

Perfluoropolyether Fluorinated Fluids

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Galden® PFPE is a line of high-performance, inert, fluorinated fluids used as heat transfer and for various high-tech applications in the Electrical & Electronics and Semiconductors markets.

Key Features

  • High thermal stability
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Good dielectric properties
  • Excellent chemical inertness
  • Good compatibility with metals, plastics and elastomers
  • No flash or fire point, no auto-ignition point
  • Safety (FM approved 6930 standard)

High Boiler Grades

Galden® High Boilers (HBs) is the family of heat transfer synthetic fluids engineered for high temperature applications which feature:

  • The highest boiling points among fluorinated heat transfer fluids
  • Very low vapor pressure and evaporation tendency
  • Outstanding non-flammability
  • Excellent chemical inertness
  • Safety (FM approved 6930 standard)

Galden® HBs are the best candidates for use at temperatures above 150° C to 270° C without pressure build-up and absolutely no fire hazard.

Among the advantages of a sound safety profile for high temperature applications is a positive impact on the Cost of Ownership.

Typical applications for Galden® HBs

  • Heat transfer management in the photovoltaic cell manufacturing process
  • Heat vector in the solar thermal industry
  • Heating fluid
  • Metallurgy
  • Energy sector

Factory Mutual Approved

Galden® HBs are Factory Mutual approved according to the FM 6930 standard and are available in industrial quantities.

Typical Properties

Galden® D

Thermal Shock Testing
(not for specification purpose)

PropertyUnitsSingle FluidsDual Fluids
Normal boiling point°C165203175230
Pour point°C-97-85-97-77
Density, 25°Cg/cm31.771.791.771.82
Density, -54°Cg/cm31.951.961.951.98
Kinematic viscosity, 25°CcSt1.
Kinematic viscosity, -54°CcSt45160--
Specific heat, 25°CJ/Kg°C973973973973
Thermal conductivity, 25°CW/m°C0.
Coefficient of expansioncm3/cm3°C0.00110.00110.00110.0011
Surface tensiondyne/cm16161617
Dielectric strengthkV (2.54 mm gap)40404040
Dielectric constant
Volume resistivityOhm-cm5*10155*10155*10155*1015
Average molecular weighta.m.u.7508707601,020

Hermetic Seal Testing

PropertyUnitsDetector FluidsIndicator Fluids
Normal boiling point°C81175203
Pour point°C-110-97-85
Density, 25°Cg/cm31.701.771.79
Density, 125°Cg/cm3-1.541.58
Kinematic viscosity, 25°CcSt0.601.802.40
Kinematic viscosity, 125°CcSt-0.460.55
Specific heat, 25°CJ/Kg°C973973973
Thermal conductivity, 25°CW/m°C0.070.070.07
Coefficient of expansioncm3/cm3°C0.00110.00110.0011
Surface tensiondyne/cm161616
Dielectric strengthkV (2.54 mm gap)404040
Dielectric constant
Volume resistivityOhm-cm5*10155*10155*1015
Average molecular weighta.m.u.430760870

Galden® LS/HS

Normal boiling point°C200215230240260
Density @ 25°Cg/cm31.791.801.821.821.83
Kinematic viscosity @ 25°CcSt2.503.804.405.307.00
Vapor pressure @ 25°Ctorr21123.411
Specific heat @ 25°CJ/Kg°C973973973973973
Heat of vap. @ BPTJ/g6363636363
Thermal conductivityW/m°C0.
Coefficient of expansioncm3/cm3°C0.00110.00110.00110.00110.0011
Surface tensiondyne/cm1920202020
Dielectric strengthkV (2.54 mm gap)4040404040
Dielectric constant
Volume resistivityOhm-cm5*10155*10155*10155*10155*1015
Average molecular weighta.m.u.8709501,0201,0851,210

Galden® SV

Boiling point°C557080110135
Surface tensionDyne/cm1014161617
Kinematic viscosity @ 25°CcSt0.450.500.570.771.00
Heat of vaporization BPcal/gm2217171616
Vapor pressure @ 20°Ctorr228165620.710.21
Solubility of waterppm1414141414
Flash point°CNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Fire point°CNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Autoignition temperature°CNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
ODP 00000

Galden® HT - Low Boilers

Boiling point°C557080110
Pour point°C<-115-115<-110-100
Density @ 25°Cg/cm31.651.681.691.71
Kinematic viscosity @ 25°CcSt0.450.500.570.77
Kinematic viscosity @ 0°CcSt0.640.750.831.21
Kinematic viscosity @ -20°CcSt0.911.091.221.94
Kinematic viscosity @ -40°CcSt1.401.792.003.74
Surface tension @ 25°Cdynes/cm16141616
Vapor pressure @ 25°Ctorr22514110517
Specific heat @ 25°Ccal/g°C0.
Thermal conductivity @ 25°CW/m°C0.0650.0650.0650.065
Heat of vaporization @ boiling pointcal/g22171717
Dielectric strength @ 25°CKV (2.54mm gap)40404040
Dissipation factor @ 25°C
(1 kHz)
Dielectric constant @ 25°C
(1 kHz)
Volume resistivityO.cm5*10155*10155*10155*1015
Solubility of waterppm (wt)14141414
Solubility of aircm3gas/
100 cm3liquid
Refractive index @ 25°C 1.2801.2801.2801.280
Coefficient of expansioncm3/cm3°C0.00110.00110.00110.0011
Average molecular weight 340410430580

Galden® HT - High Boilers

Boiling point°C135170200
Pour point°C-100-97-85
Density @ 25°Cg/cm31.721.771.79
Kinematic viscosity @ 25°CcSt1.01.82.4
Kinematic viscosity @ 0°CcSt1.693.414.97
Kinematic viscosity @ -20°CcSt2.927.1111.65
Kinematic viscosity @ -40°CcSt6.3221.14-
Surface tension @ 25°Cdynes/cm171819
Vapor pressure @ 25°Ctorr5.80.80.2
Specific heat @ 25°Ccal/g°C0.230.230.23
Thermal conductivity @ 25°CW/m°C0.0650.0650.065
Heat of vaporization @ boiling pointcal/g161615
Dielectric strength @ 25°CKV (2.54mm gap)404040
Dissipation factor @ 25°C (1 kHz) 2*10-42*10-42*10-4
Dielectric constant @ 25°C (1 kHz) 1.901.901.94
Volume resistivityO.cm5*10155*10155*1015
Solubility of waterppm (wt)141414
Solubility of aircm3gas/
100 cm3liquid
Refractive index @ 25°C 1.2801.2801.281
Coefficient of expansioncm3/cm3°C0.00110.00110.0011
Average molecular weight 610760870

Normal Boiling point°C230270
Density @ 25°Cg/cm31.821.85
Kinematic viscosity @ 25°CcSt4.411.7
Vapor pressure @ 25°Ctorr0.0253*10-3
Specific heat @ 25°Ccal/g°C0.230.23
Thermal conductivity @ 25°CW/m°C0.650.65
Heat of vaporization @ boiling pointcal/g1615
Dielectric strength @ 25°CKV (2.54mm gap)4040
Dissipation factor @ 25°C (1 kHz) 2*10-42*10-4
Dielectric constant @ 25°C (1 kHz) 1.941.94
Volume resistivityO.cm5*10155*1015
Solubility of waterppm (wt)1414
Solubility of aircm3gas/
100 cm3liquid
Coefficient of expansioncm3/cm3°C0.00110.0011
Average molecular weight 1,0201,550
Appearance Clear and odorlessClear and odorless