Halar® ECTFE

High-performance semi-crystalline fluoropolymers

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Halar® ECTFE is a partially fluorinated semi-crystalline polymer offering a unique combination of properties for highly demanding industries.

Key Features

  • Outstanding  chemical, permeation and fire resistance
  • Low permeability
  • Excellent weatherability
  • Excellent release properties
  • Good abrasion resistance

It is widely used in anti-corrosion applications as a lining or in self-supporting constructions (piping). Its excellent fire resistance properties and chemical resistance make Halar® ECTFE a product of first choice in wire and cable applications, in communication cable or specialty cable.

Halar® ECTFE purity, surface smoothness and chemical resistance, fire resistance are key characteristics in the semiconductor or PV market, for wet-tools constructions.

Halar® ECTFE is a melt-processable fluoropolymer  that can be handled by conventional techniques such as:

  • Extrusion
  • Compression molding
  • Injection molding
  • Rotational molding and lining

Typical Properties

PropertyTest MethodUnitsHalar®
Melt Processable
Melting point, min.ASTM D3418°C240-245
Specific gravityASTM D792°C1.68
Water absorption,
24h @ 23°C
ASTM D570%<0.1
Tensile stress
at yield @ 23°C
Tensile stress
at break @ 23°C
Tensile ModulusASTM D638 
IZOD impact
notched V 10 mm @ 23°C
ASTM D256J/mno break
Taber abrasion resistance,
CS-17 wheel, 9.81 N load
ASTM D4060 mg/1000 rev25-35
Friction coefficient, static/dynamicASTM D1894
Volume resistivityASTM D257Ω.cm10^16
Linear thermal expansion coefficientASTM D69610-6/K100

Halar® ECTFE Applications

The outstanding chemical resistance and strength of Halar® ECTFE has found wide acceptance in semiconductor and microelectronics, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and other challenging industries.

Architectural Membranes

High performance films made of Halar® ECTFE are widely used as architectural membranes, thanks to their unique properties:

  • Transparent & Light – Halar® ECTFE film is lightweight and provides excellent light transmittance.
  • Superior Durability – Highly clear and light-transparent, offers extended long-term stability (more than 20 years) when exposed to sunlight and atmospheric events. Fire resistant approved, it exhibits both chemical resistance and barrier properties.
  • Self-cleaning and Anti-fouling – Thanks to its low surface tension and smooth surface, it offers very limited adhesiveness to dust and dirt, both of which are easily washable with minimal rain and wind.
  • Eco-friendly - Some Halar® ECTFE thin films are recyclable, allowing heavy and breakable rigid-glass replacement while offering significant weight reduction as well as flexibility and freedom of design.

Chemical Processing Industry (CPI)

Halar® ECTFE offers its excellent chemical and permeability resistance to CPI applications including: High performance coatings; Filtration & separation; Pump diaphragms and filter components; Gas separation membranes; Linings; Fluid and gas handling applications.

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Frontsheet Films

Halar® ECTFE films are UV stable and optically clear with more than 90% transmission of light in the visible spectrum, while combining excellent fire resistance properties with very good mechanical performance. Halar® ECTFE films exhibit significantly lower permeation rate to water vapor than ETFE. PV modules made with Halar® ECTFE film are exceptionally durable and meet the toughest industry requirements.


Halar® ECTFE offers outstanding chemical resistance over a broad temperature range and is stable at pH levels from 1 to 14. Because of its exceptional chemical resistance, the material cannot be processed using solution phase inversion. Instead, it must be processed at temperatures close to its melting point (200 –240°C) using a TIPS process for hollow fibers. Two grades having different molecular weights and melt temperatures are available.

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Oil & Gas

Halar® ECTFE offers it's excellent chemical and permeation resistance to Oil & Gas applications, including: Powder coatings; Sheet lining; Extruded liners; Dual laminates; Electromechanical cable jacketing; Umbilicals; and applications requiring exposure to Supercricital CO2.

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Halar® ECTFE is a partially fluorinated melt-processable polymer that fills the performance gap between PVDF and fully fluorinated polymers. Its exceptional resistance to oxidizers makes it suitable for piping applications in even the harshest chemical environments. Plumbing applications for Halar® ECTFE include Pipes and Valves for Industrial Systems.

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Protective Linings

Protective linings in piping, tanks and other vessels fabricated with Halar® ECTFE provide excellent resistance to extreme chemicals and temperatures. Lining options include sheet lining, extruded lining, rotational lining, powder coating or FRP dual laminate.


Halar® ECTFE delivers exceptional results in semiconductor environments. It is used as a coating and/or lining material in exhaust duct, vessels and process equipment. Halar® ECTFE powder coatings have been used successfully for fire safety and corrosion protection of exhaust duct systems that must meet the FM4922 fire safety standard. Halar® ECTFE coated ductwork offers exceptional surface smoothness reducing the risk of contamination buildup and corrosion.

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Case Studies

Fluoropolymers are often a better choice than metals for vessels and pipes exposed to corrosive environments. Halar® ECTFE has proven to be an effective solution for process engineers and specifiers in search of long-term chemical, temperature, corrosion and permeation resistance.

Halar® ECTFE stack liner

Halar® ECTFE-lined chimney remains maintenance-free
After 15 years, a fiberglass-reinforced FRP/Halar® chimey liner is still in good working order without any repairs. The chimney is part of a power station in the North Jutland region of Denmark. The liner is exposed to sulfuric acid at 110°C. Recent inspections showed no signs of chemical attack by the exhaust gas and no surface cracking was observed.

Chlorine scrubber

Fluoropolymer lining for a chlorine scrubber
An FRP/Halar® ECTFE dual laminate chlorine scrubber installed in a petrochemical plant delivered continuous service for 14 years.  After the plant was shut down, the liner was inspected and found to be in excellent condition despite its exposure to chlorinated hydrocarbons combined with hydrochloric acid and molecular chlorine.

Fluoropolymer-lined process vessel

Long-term performance of a fluoropolymer-lined process vessel
A Halar® ECTFE-lined holding tank was undamaged after 23 years of service. It handled alkaline-based fluids and active chlorine in a vinyl chloride monomer plant.