IXOL® B251

The fire fighter in your foam. Particularly well suited for the production of rigid polyurethane foams.

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IXOL® B251 is also suitable for the development of formulations having high fire performance according to the European standard based on the Single Burning Item (SBI) test. As example, formulations containing the polyol IXOL® B251 can lead to the manufacture of sandwich panels with a class B according to the European classification. This is the highest level that can be achieved by polyurethane foams. 

The polyol IXOL® B251 affect the thermal insulation characteristics of the foam or its mechanical properties positively. It can be used in various concentrations in combination with standard polyether or polyester polyols. IXOL® B251 is also suitable for manufacturing of modified isocyanurate polyurethane foams (PUIR: also known as low index polyisocyanurate foams).


Thermal insulation is part of the state-of-the art way of construction, be it for individual houses, commercial complexes, industrial structures or public buildings. In this area rigid polyurethane foams (PUR) are established as the most efficient thermal insulation material that is manufactured on industrial scale. The outstanding characteristics of this cellular material are becoming nowadays a major item because ot he necessity to protect our environment, in particular by reducing the emmissions of greenhouse gases through a lower energy consumption (reduction of carbon dioxide emissions). 

For obvious safety reasons, rigid polyurethane foams must comply with various standardized tests defined by national or international regulations. IXOL® B251 gives the possibility to produce rigid polyurethane foams which can achieve the requirements of many European and American tests. Rigid polyurethane foams formulated with IXOL® B251 in particular can pass  tests even with high requirements. 

The polyol IXOL® B251 is compatible with all usual polyols and with non reactive flame retardants such as phosphoric acid esters. It presents moreover useful synergism with these compounds. 

The use of IXOL® B251 offers therefore considerable flexibility in formulation. Nevertheless, system houses are advised to check that their formulations do not alter with time whenever a long term stability of the polyol blend is required. 

Formulations containing the polyol IXOL® B251 can be used in the most varied processing techniques such as e.g.: 

  • Injection moulding in "sandwich" plates for the manufacture of cladding panels or elements for cooling chambers and cold stores 
  • Continuous production of panels (laminates)
  • Manufacture of block foams which can be cut into plates or tailor-made shapes 
  • In-situ projection or cast molding for roof tightening and insulation, vertical or under-face insulation. 
For one-component foams we also offer IXOL® M125, a diol with a lower hydroxyl number and a lower viscosity.  

Technical Data

IXOL® B251

Physical and Chemical Data
Appearance: viscous liquid, hygroscopic
Colour:dark brown
Odour: ether-like
Melting point / freezing point: < -20 °C
Boiling point / boiling range:> 160 °C, Decomposition
Flash point: = 196 °C (open cup)


Product name:POLYOL IXOL® B251
Chemical name:Halogenated polyetherpolyol
Substance name:Halogenated polyetherpolyol B 350
Concentration:>= 93.5 %
CAS-no.:68441-62-3 / EC-No.: - / Index-No.: -
REACH Registrierungsnummer: 01-2119533103-55 (B350)
Substance name:Triethyl phosphate
Concentration:<= 6.5 %
CAS-no.:78-40-0 / EC-No.: 201-114-5 / Index-No.: 015-013-00-7
Type of product: Mixture