IXOL® M125

Flame retardant for your canned foam. Particularly suited for one component polyurethane foams.

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The polyol IXOL® M125 is a halogenated aliphatic polyether diol, particularly suited for one and two component polyurethane foams.

Due to its low functionality, IXOL® M125 is particularly suited for one component polyurethane (PUR) foams to meet high standards in fire safety. Being a reactive compound, IXOL® M125 polyol guarantees a permanent flame retardant effect since the halogens are chemically bound to the final polymer.

IXOL® M125 has been manufactured in our Tavaux plant (France) for about 30 years. As a mature product the manufacturing process is proven and runs totally under computer control, which ensures optimum and constant quality. Furthermore the plant is certified according to ISO 9002 standard.


The polyol IXOL® M125 is compatible with all usual polyols and with flame retardant additives such as for example phosphoric acid esters. IXOL® M125 has a good premix stability in preformulated systems, even if stored for a longer time. The use of IXOL® M125 therefore offers full flexibility in formulation. 

Nevertheless, formulators and users are advised to check that their formulations or the properties of their resulting foam do not alter with time, when long term stability of the blends is required. 

IXOL® M125 is a medium viscous polyol at room temperature which enables an easy processing or use in special application such as one component foams (OCF). 

Product uses

IXOL® M125 imparts advantages as a high performance flame retardant in the following main applications:

  • One component foams: IXOL® M125 used in combination with polyether polyols or with polyester polyols gives a foam achieving a high flame suppression standard, for example the B2/B1 classification in OCF. 
  • PIR foams blown with HCFCs such as Solkane 141b or hydrocarbons such as n-pentane: The use of IXOL® M125 allows a reduction of the isocyanate index and therefore has a positive impact on the foam friability. 
  • Adhesives: IXOL® M125 improves the fire performance of PU based adhesives. 
  • PU-based Glue systems can be improved by addition of IXOL M125 according the fire behaviour.

Technical Data

IXOL® M125

Physical and Chemical Data
Appearance: viscous liquid, hygroscopic
Colour:dark brown
Odour: ether-like
Molecular Weight:468 g/mol
Melting point / freezing point: from -44 - -37 °C
Boiling point / boiling range:> 150 °C, Decomposition
Flash point: = 198 °C (open cup)


Product name:POLYOL IXOL® M125
Chemical name:Halogenated polyetherpolyol
Substance name:Halogenated polyetherpolyol M 125
Concentration:>= 99 %
CAS-no.:86675-46-9 / EC-No.: - / Index-No.: -
REACH Registrierungsnummer: 01-2119972940-30
Type of product: Substance