Ixan® PVDC Soluble Powders

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Dissolved Ixan® PVDC resins are used as adhesion primers, heat-sealing lacquers and print-ink binder on various substrates. Cellulose and PET films (plain or metallized) and aluminium foils are coated with soluble Ixan® PVDC grades without the necessity of applying an adhesion promoter.

Ixan® PVDC Multi-Purpose Resins

Ixan® PVDC soluble resins are excellent adhesion primers with barrier functionality on aluminum, metallized films and substrates, plastic films, paper, cellulose film, steel and wood. They are suitable for subsequent coating with Diofan® PVDC dispersions, the aqueous range for barrier coatings from Solvay.

Ixan® PVDC soluble resins can be used as binders in print-inks and in lacquer formulations as well as for heat-sealable protective varnishes.

Ixan® PVDC aluminum coating grades can be used to make foils reliably seal to themselves or to other webs, such as plastic foils, without losing barrier properties.


Ixan® PVDC for Aluminium Foil Coating

Uncoated aluminum foils cannot be sealed together by any technique. With the Ixan® aluminum coating grade you can make the foils reliably seal to themselves or to other webs such as plastic foils without losing barrier.

Ixan® SGA-1 as Co-Binder in Print Ink Formulations

In view of its characteristics of adherence, water resistance, and chemical inertness, Ixan SGA 1 makes an excellent ink binder for printing on various substrates. The broad range of usable solvent systems for this resin allow the manufacturers to control the drying properties.

Heat-sealable varnishes protect your printed surface from chemical and mechanical attack.


Product Data

Ixan® PVDC Soluble Resin
Ixan® SGA-1A specialty copolymer based on vinylidene chloride and vinyl chloride monomers. The unrivalled performance of Ixan® PVDC SGA-1 is due to the combination of its outstanding adhesion characteristics combined with barrier properties. It can be used as a primer on a wide range of substrates, offering binding capabilities for print inks and paints, as well as protective varnishes. In addition to barrier properties, Ixan® PVDC SGA-1 provides chemical resistance for coatings and coverings along with heat-sealability, transparency, and glossiness for coatings. This grade is soluble in a wide range of common organic solvents at room temperature.