Nd Versatate & Nd Phosphate for Butadiene Rubber Catalysis

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The Polymerization Catalysts Precursors

Solvay Neodymium Versatate and Neodymium Phosphate (DEHP) are at the heart of Neodymium catalyzed butadiene polymerization. These easy-to-handle, high performance catalyst-precursors, enable the production of Butadiene rubbers with a "cis" content of 98% and a narrow molecular weight distribution, which are thus very ideally suited to 'green' tire applications. 

Solvay is the reference supplier to the leading butadiene rubber and tire manufacturers on the market.

Features & Benefits

  • High active material concentration solutions (≥40 wt%) in aliphatic solvents
  • Low viscosity and stable over time (Nd Versatate solutions)
  • Low residual water and free acid enables high catalytic performances (activity, MWD) and reduced co-catalysts consumption
  • Consistently high product quality reduces the need for adjustment in the customer process


Butadiene & Isoprene polymerization