Phosphorus specialities

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RhodaPhos® represents our collaboration with external partners for creating new phosphorus based molecules and scaling-up of processes to support sustainable solutions.

Our phosphorus experts welcome the challenge to develop new chemistry for you and apply our 150 years of experience in phosphorus chemistry to address challenges of the future.

Some applications of our products include:

  • Phosphorylating agents and Chemical Synthons for pharmaceutical industry that help our customers to make life saving medicines for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Bone Cancer and many more.
  • High purity phosphine derivatives for fine chemical industry and electronics
  • Custom-made catalyst ligands for supporting the move to sustainable chemistry

The combination of synthesis, scale up and manufacturing excellence enable us to offer safe custom-made solutions for challenging phosphorus technologies. 

Key features of our capabilities are:

  • Kilolab and dedicated Pilot Plant units
  • Process development expertise to ensure safe, efficient and effective scale up of new products
  • HSE and regulatory expertise
  • Custom Synthesis and research services
  • Global footprint with industrial sites dedicated to phosphorus technology in the UK, USA and China

The Phosphorus speciality technology platform includes:

PhosphatesPhosphitesPhosphorylating agentsPhosphonium salts
Phosphonic acidsPhosphinic acidsPhosphine building blocksPhosphate esters
PhosphonatesDialkyl phosphinesTrialkyl phosphinesTriaryl phosphines
Phosphine ligandsComplexing agentsWittig and Horner Emmons reagent