A high purity liquid that has a wide range of applications in the plastic foams sector.

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SOLKANE-Insulation-iconBecause of its low gas phase thermal conductivity SOLKANE® 141b was the best available replacement to CFC11 as a blowing agent for rigid polyurethane insulating foams. In the meantime it is part of phase-out-scenarios in many countries all over the world, but deliveries from Solvay are still possible into regions where the phase-out is not completed.

Technical Data


Physical and Chemical Data
Appearance: Volatile, liquid
Odour: ether-like
Molecular Weight: 116.9 g/mol
Melting point / freezing point: -103.5 °C
Boiling point / boiling range:32 °C
Flash point: no flash point (closed cup)


Product name:SOLKANE® 141b
Chemical name:1,1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane
Concentration:>= 99 %
CAS-no.:1717-00-6 / EC-No.: 404-080-1 / Index-No.: 602-084-00-X REACH Registration Number: 01-0000015369-63
Type of product: Substance
Molecular formula: CCl2F-CH3
Synonyms:HCFC-141b, HFA-141b, Dichlorofluoroethane