SOLKANE® 365/227 Blends

Liquid hydrofluorocarbon blends of the third generation without ozone depletion potential

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SOLKANE® 365 is the key component to form a range of promising blowing agent blends. For safety applications a non-flammable HFC-blend is of special interest. SOLKANE® 227ea is commercially produced propellant for pharmaceutical aerosols. Blends of SOLKANE® 365 and SOLKANE® 227ea have been checked for a flash point using an Abel Pensky closed cup flash point apparatus, in accordance to DIN 51 755-1.

A blend of SOLKANE® 365/227 with 5 pbw of SOLKANE® 227ea has no flash point and is classified as a non-flammable liquid. It has to be pointed out that this blend is non azeotropic, and the compound SOLKANE® 227ea evaporates first during handling. To have a safety margin Solvay therefore recommends the blend SOLKANE® 365/227 with 7 pbw of SOLKANE® 227ea. This blend starts boiling at ~30 °C and is developed for foam producers. For System Houses Solvay developed the blend SOLKANE® 365/227 87:13, as the used polyols have an influence to the flash point behaviour.

Although the blend SOLKANE® 365/227 has no flash point, it has flammability limits in air. Such a situation is well known with for instance SOLKANE® 141b or Methylene Chloride. 

Technical Data

SOLKANE® 365/227 Blends

Physical and Chemical Data
Appearance: volatile, liquid
Odour: ether-like
Melting point / freezing point: no data available
Boiling point / boiling range:24 – 30 °C
Flash point: does not flash, The product is not flammable. (DIN 51755 Part 1)


Product name:SOLKANE® 365/227
Chemical name:Pentafluorobutane/Heptafluoropropane
Substance name:1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane
Concentration:86 – 92 %
CAS-no.:406-58-6 / EC-No.: 430-250-1 / Index-No.: 602-102-00-6 REACH Registration Number: 01-0000017653-68
Substance name:1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane
Concentration:8 - 14 %
CAS-no.:431-89-0 / EC-No.: 207-079-2 / Index-No.: -
Type of product: Mixture
Molecular formula: C4H5F5, C3HF7