SOLKANE® Solvents

Solvents for the applications of precision cleaning, defluxing electronics and cleaning of optical parts and assemblies

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Industry today requires solvents which are very efficient in removing contaminations and are not aggressive toward the parts to be cleaned; the solvents must allow the treatment of complete assemblies (electronic circuits, precision parts, optical parts...) by a convenient and fast procedure. 

The SOLVOKANE® solvent series can be used for a wide range of applications. For example, it is used in vapor degreasing or vacuum cleaning machines to treat a wide variety of materials and parts. It can be used as a soil removal agent, removing such contaminants as particles or greases easily, quickly and with no residue. This is a basic requirement in hard disc drive or PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) cleaning, as well as in optical lens production. Excellent results were also achieved in oil removal, i. e. SOLVOKANE® also removes a wide range of different types of silicone oils, something that may not be achieved with standard solvents.