A high temperature working fluid

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SOLKANE-Specialities-iconSOLKATHERM® SES36 is an azeotropic mixture of SOLKANE® 365mfc which boils at 36.7°C. This means that its handling is particularly easy because: 

  • Azeotropic mixtures behave like a single-substance. The liquid and vapour phase have the same composition; transferring, evaporating or condensing SOLKATHERM® SES36 will not affect its composition. 
  • Substances which can be transported as liquid have, by definition, at 50°C a vapour pressure lower than 3 bar. They can be filled into containers which are not pressurized gas cylinders. These containers have to comply with minimal burst pressure requirements and they are easy to handle. 

SOLKATHERM® SES36 has a wide compatibility range with many common materials. It is generally compatible with all non-fluorinated plastics and rubbers, if we exclude as notable exceptions PMMA and natural rubber.

Main characteristics

  • It is a non flammable liquid, but its vapours form flammable mixtures with air in the range 3,9% (LFL) – 11,7% (UFL). The Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) of SOLKATHERM® is very high: 130mJ. For comparison, we report hereafter the MIE of other reference materials: methane 0,4mJ; R152a 0,35mJ; n-pentane 0,22mJ. Only strong electric discharges and naked flames have the energy to ignite SOLKATHERM® vapours. 
  • The flame does not propagate to the liquid phase. 
  • It is not listed as toxic substance; it does not represent a health hazard if used properly. 
  • It has a characteristic odour of 'solvent'. It can be detected by smell before it reaches large concentrations in air. Its vapours are heavier than air and have the tendency to disperse at ground level. 
  • It is colourless, it looks like water. It boils fast and at a relatively low temperature subtracting heat from the environment. In this, its behaviour is similar to many other well-known solvents like alcohols or ethers. 
  • It is chemically stable. It is compatible with most construction materials. 
  • It is thermally very stable. Its first decomposition reactions occur in laboratory at 220°C. It has been proved in continuous operation conditions up to 190°C. 
  • Auto-ignition is at 580°C


  • Direct Contact Cooling
  • Heat Pipes
  • ORC-cycles
  • Heat transfer fluid
  • High temperature Heat Pumps

Technical Data


Physical and Chemical Data
Appearance: liquid, volatile
Odour: ether-like
Melting point / freezing point: no data
Boiling point / boiling range:36.7 °C
Flash point: does not flash


Product name:SOLKATHERM ® SES 36
Chemical name:Pentafluorobutane / Perfluoropolyether
Substance name:1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane
Concentration:<= 65 %
CAS-no.:406-58-6 / EC-No.: 430-250-1 / Index-No.: 602-102-00-6 REACH Registration Number: 01-0000017653-68
Type of product: Mixture