The world evolves and so does our chemistry

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From our continual search for renewable resources comes a new chemistry.
Solvay presents Augeo™, a line of products based on renewable resources and aligned with market needs. The result of more than three years work and a considerable investment in research and development, Augeo™ is an innovative product range developed entirely in Brazil, targeting both local and world markets.
The first product from this new range is Augeo™ SL 191, a solvent with a superior performance compared to glycol ethers and acetates which derive from petrochemical feedstocks that are more aggressive to human health and the environment. Augeo™ SL 191 is composed of a versatile, differentiated molecule with high solvent power, allowing it to be used in diverse applications and segments.

Features & benefits

  • A pioneering and innovative technology from renewable resources
  • A combination of high performance with environmental responsibility
  • Adding a strong sustainability profile to your product