To improve the well-being and performance of livestock

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Bicar®Z is a leading brand of sodium products: it’s the sodium bicarbonate for livestock breeding. It is a high-value essential feed material to improve the well-being and the performance of ruminants, swine and poultry.
Bicar®Z offers breeders a good way to meet the physiological needs of livestock and the economic requirements of the farm, by optimizing diet and by increasing the efficiency of the ration. 
It is an excellent solution for limiting the health risks associated with an energy-rich and highly fermentable diet and during heat stress. 

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Features and benefits

  • The highest and most stringent international feed-safety standards (GMP-B2 in all manufacturing plants) 
  • An outstanding reliability thanks to nine production units located in Europe, North America and soon in Thailand and the strong worldwide supply chain
  • A complete traceability along the manufacturing chain: a batch number enables the product to be tracked throughout the entire production process
  • high level of innovation thanks to many collaborative projects held with specialized research centers in animal nutrition (IRTA, INRA, Università Cattolica, etc.) and vet support in Europe

New: Bicar®Z to optimize biogas installations

Several researches conducted in collaboration with the University of Rostock (Germany), have demonstrated the ability of BICAR®Z to stabilize the biogas process, and to improve the buffer properties of the fermenter.