General Information

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EURECO™ is the registered trade-mark of SOLVAY for its commercial preparations based upon PAP                 (ε-phthalimido peroxy hexanoic acid). 

The active chemical PAP offers an outstanding bleaching and disinfection performance in a wide range of applications like Household Detergence, Industrial & Institutional, Personal Care and Chemical Synthesis.

The key advantages offered by EURECO™ are: 

  • Bleach performance at low temperature (20°C) and mild pH (8.5)
  • Low dosage (Compaction)
  • Chemical stability
  • High eco-toxicological profile and biodegradability 

EURECO™ grades are produced in Italy by SOLVAY CHIMICA BUSSI, and are commercialized by SOLVAY CHIMICA ITALIA and SOLVAY CHEMICALS INTERNATIONAL

Product Information


EURECO™ HC grades are preparations suitable for ORAL CARE and SKIN CARE applications.

In Oral Care EURECO™ HC acts as powerful whitening and anti-plaque agent in toothpastes, whitening dental kits and mothwashes. EURECO™ HC does not release Hydrogen Peroxide hence it is compliant with EU Cosmetic Regulation (EC) 1223/2009

In Skin Care EURECO™ HC offers depigmentation, sebum balancing and anti-acne effects. 

INCI Name: Phthalimido-peroxycaproic acid

CTFA File:  No. 2296

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 EURECO™ WM1 is a fine powdered composition with high PAP content. 
 EURECO™ WM1 is suitable as bleaching and hygiene component for manufacturing Auto-Dish-Washing unit doses or tablets.


EURECO™ LX is a range of liquid aqueous suspensions of micronized PAP crystals. The suspensions are physically and chemically stabilized for long-lasting shelf life.
EURECO™ LX grades are readily useful as bleaching and disinfecting agents in household laundry as well as in Professional Laundry applications. 
EURECO™ LX grades are not smelling, not dangerous for the skin and not considered Oxidizers under CLP/GHS Regulation (EC) 1272/2008
EURECO™ LX grades are available in three different concentrations:
EURECO™ LX10 - 10% PAP
EURECO™ LX17 - 17% PAP


EURECO™ RP103 is a new granular grade of PAP developed for use in powder detergents to bleach, disinfect and deodorize at any temperature and in mild pH washing conditions for partial or total swap of Percarbonate/TAED.